Founded in 2018, two brothers possessing the skillset and passion for cut and sew, decided to put their creative talents on display. What seemingly started as an effort to surpass each other’s work, evolved to shape the inception of The Book of Exodus.
Creating garments together under one identity became logical, identifying now as thy brother's keeper while will-fully displaying the labor of our hands.
Through thoughtful designs and continuous efforts, we aim to achieve a cohesive balance between pre-eminent and high-end fashion and attain a community of like-minded people who regard craftsmanship.

The following collections make up the brand: 


“Inspired by how the Israelites were rescued from the power of the Egyptians, the idea of starting from nothing to something resonates with us, so we begun this journey, our own version of the exodus is building a life where we’ll have the freedom to create and design clothing”
- Creators, The Book of Exodus.
Being our primary collection, The Book of Exodus features premium garments curated to serve a niche that regard our craft, and are willing to support it.

One: the number that marks the onset of our journey to creative freedom and opens a new chapter where probing minimalism is at the core of this collection. Drawing from framework of essential apparel, we deliver our own version of  blanks with a bold touch on style and affordability.